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METSA INDUSTRIAL was founded in 2004. The company's office is located in Araquari, SC, Brazil, and has a Technical Partner in Joinville - SC - Brazil. The main purposes of the company, with the technical partner, is the Manufacturing and Trade of industrial equipment, Process automation and Product Development. We have great experience in the manufacturing process of rotors and stators for electric motors of high electrical efficiency. We own the technology to manufacture the rotor by centrifugal casting. Besides, we offer Advisory and Consulting in Process and Product Development from general products to special ones. We also are Representative Technically and Commercially, of some of the best machines and equipment, as well as technical solutions. Among the equipment that we represent, we cite the Industrial Furnaces for Heat Treatment of metals from PRAFI - HUMBERT, ITALY , Melting and Holding Furnaces for non-ferrous alloys, gas or electric heated, Vertical die-casting machines for the manufacture of casted parts in light alloys (CANNON ERGOS TCS - ITALY) and Centrifugal casting machines for casted parts (CCMCO - TULSA - OKLAHOMA - USA).

Automatic line for stators manufacturing.

Centrifugal casting system.

Industrial ovens for metal's heat treatment - PRAFI-HUMBERT.

Melting and holding ovens.

Vertical Die-casting machines for light alloy casted parts.

Centrifugal casting.