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- METSA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, by its represented CCMCO Company, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, has developed an equipment and technology for the manufacturing of cylinder liners with "SPINY LOCKS" and special process for manufacturing of brake drums for trucks by centrifugal casting. .........READ MORE...........

Automatic System and Equipment

METSA INDUSTRIAL has the purpose, together with partners, of Manufacturing and Trading of machines and equipment for industrial use. We represent specialists in the manufacturing of special automatic machines and systems, not only for electrical motors industry in the manufacturing of rotors and stators, but for any industrial segment.

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Advisory and Consulting

We provide services in product development and manufacturing processes and the manufacture of machinery and equipment. We have prototype equipment for the production of centrifugal casted samples of rotors and stators with reduced slot opening.

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Technical/Commercial Representation

We represent the best technical solutions available in Brazil and abroad (machinery, equipment, processes and products).

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