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We represent an have technical partnership with the company CCMCO, Centrifugal Casting Machine CO., LTD., Inc., USA, which produces equipment for horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting in over 65 countries around the world. The equipment can be operated manually or be produced in cells fully automated, using PLCs via robots and automation.
Can provide process controls that allow precise and repeatable control of the casting parameters for experimental purposes, or production of high quality castings. The types of machines and automation level will depend on the specific needs of customers.
In the sale of equipment, it is provided technical information necessary to complete the foundation of the machine, installation, operation, speed, mold release agents, flow metering metal, among others, including a complete manual of Centrifugal Casting.
It is also supplied a copy of the Mold Design Manual, which allows the client to design molds to be used in the machines.
Partial list of end products produced with CCMCO machines:
. Cylinder liners, Alloy steel pipes, ring bearings, Malleable Cast Iron Pipes, plumbing tubes, rolls of steel, automobile brake drums and non-ferrous castings.
. Full Service in Technology, Research and Development of castings parts.